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Topic 2020

Be Green, Keep Flying!

Unveiled by Anne Rigail (Air France)
in partnership with Paris Air Forum 2020

Topic 2019

Defense Aerospace and protectionism in a multipolar world. From civil to defense, and vice-versa: what industrial strategies ?

Unveiled by Gen Philippe Lavigne (French Air Force)

Topic 2018

Breakthrough technologies, the start-up that will disrupt the aerospace industry by 2030

Unveiled by Patrice Caine (Thales)

Topic 2017

From design to supply chain, from production to sales, from start-up to certification: Digitalisation and cost reduction

Unveiled by Eric Trappier (Dassault Aviation)

Topic 2016

How digitalisation will transform the Aerospace Industry in a near future?

Unveiled by Tom Enders (then Airbus)

Topic 2015

2030, environmental issue in the business model of Civil and Defense Aerospace Industry

Topic 2014

Emerging countries in the civilian and military aerospace industrial landscape in 2050

Topic 2013

2040 AIRPLANE! Will there be a pilot on board ? Civil and military drone applications

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